Love Walton & The Walton Village launch GoFundMe Campaign for a Community Defibrillator

Love Walton (Walton Business Improvement District) is delighted to be partnering with The Walton Village Pub, 29 High Street, Walton-on-Thames to fundraise for a ‘community defibrillator, as part of of our ‘Safe, Welcoming and Accessible’ objectives.

The Walton Village will be raising funds at their regular Thursday Quiz nights and a one-off ‘Gaming’ event. Love Walton is asking local residents, employees, and employers to donate via our  crowdfunding page.  Visit the GoFundMe Page here.

In total, we need to raise £1,200 – to have a defibrillator installed within the Pub (open late into the evening everyday). We will be procuring via The Community Heartbeat Trust – a charity that will supply and manage our, registration, insurance and maintenance etc. They will provide training for circa 50 people – pub staff, other High Street business employees and residents of that immediate area – to maximise the number of people available to use the machine, should it ever be required.

Thank you in advance to everyone who donates. Together this will be a great thing to have in the heart of our town centre.

If we are easily successful we will look to replicate this campaign in other areas of Walton town centre, such as Bridge Street.