River Thames Scheme – Project starts along Walton riverside

Not exactly Walton town centre BID zone but the Riverside is such an important part of our town community and visitors. So, we were quite excited to see work starting on a 5m wide platform between Walton Wharf and Rivermount / Walton Marina today.

Part of the River Thames Scheme project, this platform is looking at the Geological information on the riverbed, finding out what materials it is made of, how deep the floor layers are and other important data to enable experts to decide how they make adjustments that will enhance river flow.

The River Thames between Egham and Teddington is one of the largest areas of undefended, developed floodplain in England. In the past, the area has suffered serious floods. With climate change, the risk of flooding is only going to grow. We need a long term, sustainable plan to deal with this risk.

That plan is the River Thames Scheme.

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